Local Artist Re-Imagines Disney Princesses as Discarded Chewing Gum Outside of Stover’s News in Columbia

(Columbia, PA) – Local Photographer Jode Hostettor has pulled off an amazing feat of modern art as he re-imagines what the famous Disney Princesses would look like, if they were discarded bits of chewing gum. After scouring the County for the best canvas — his choice, a sidewalk — he found that the pavement outside of Stover’s News, located in Columbia PA, was the optimal location.

“It was already there, the gum covered the ground in a pleasing fashion and I really didn’t need to do much. I mean, I did have to kneel down a lot, and that took some time. My knees are kind of creaky anymore but other than that, it was mine for the taking”, Mr Hostettor explained. “Each Princess has a distinct personality and I feel that my photographs really capture their essences… their ‘je ne sais quoi’ if you will.”

Upon further review by POL’s Media Team, we find the resemblance to be strikingly inaccurate, save the Jessica Rabbit, which is pretty spot on.

The full collection will be on display all through November at the Turkey Hill Experience’s Freezer Section, which located where that old dilapidated coat factory used to be, somewhere by Route 30, we think.