Local Black Woman Disappointed After Attending AC/DC Cover Band Show

Lancaster – A race-baiting LNP guest columnist was “extremely disappointed” after attending a show of the AC/DC cover band Back in Black at The Village nightclub last month. Patty Wright, who most recently criticized June’s Fete-en-blanc event as racist and not diverse enough, got excited when she read the LNP EL guide that The Village was putting on a show called “Back in Black,” and publicly stated her interest to attend on the Facebook event page for the show.

The author elaborated to POL in a phone interview:


“Based on the name Back in Black, I really thought that this would be an event that would draw black people because that horrible Fete-en-blanc only had white people–and I believe most of them were WASPs and descendents of slave owners, based on the three pictures I saw online; I base everything on the color of people’s skin, not on character or anything else unimportant. Anyway, I walk into the Back in Black show and it is nothing but chubby old white people! Not a black person in sight! Why wasn’t this show advertised more to the black community? Why weren’t even any Hispanics in attendance? The club owners must have denied entry based on race, as absolutely no other factor could possibly be the case here. Even worse, the music was really bad, you couldn’t even dance to it.”

In addition to her Fete-en-blanc and Back in Black kerfuffles, Ms. Wright is currently considering a lawsuit against  Clipper Magazine for not promoting diversity at the recent Lynyrd Skynyrd show held there in June: “There wasn’t one person of color in that whole stadium! It is obvious they prevented black people from attending, and that’s racist; they’ll pay!