Local Minister Leading Protest To Stop Funding To Israel Over Abortion

LANCASTER, PA – Reverend Paul Randolph of Lancaster First Christian Church is leading a delegation to Washington to protest funding to Israel over what he says is paying for abortions.

“The United States gives Israel more than $3 billion dollars every year with some of that money is funding government paid abortions.” said Randolph.

According to Randolph more than 40,000 Israeli women annually have abortions.

“We give Israel money and they pay for abortions. They have to stop paying for abortions or we need to stop giving them money.” explained Randolph.

For an Israeli woman who wishes to end a pregnancy, the process is not only legal but is usually heavily subsidized or free, covered under Israel’s national health care system.

Under the law, the procedure is fully legal under any of the following conditions:

* The pregnant woman in question is under 18 or over 40
* The woman is not married
* The fetus has a serious mental or physical defect
* The pregnancy is the result of rape, incest or adultery
* If carrying the pregnancy to term “is liable to endanger the woman’s life or cause her physical or emotional damage”

A separate committee exists for late-term abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The group plans to protest at the Israeli Embassy and the White House this Saturday.