Local Mall to Offer In-Store Pregnancy Testing Kiosk

Park City Center – Vision centers, banks, eateries, hair salons, and now Pregnancy-Testing.  A local mall center will be one of the first in the nation to add a “Knocked” Kiosk. “Knocked” kiosks are popular in Eastern Europe and just now coming to the US. Mall store planners feel it’s a great fit, and the first store will be in a Lancaster’s Park City next to the Sunglass Hut.

“We have so many young sexually active young adults and teens coming in to our stores now stealing condoms, EPT tests and other pregnancy related items. What better way to help them find out about a bundle of joy and cut down high theft in the process,” quipped mall executive, Anita Brownstain.

“We find this to be a hugely profitable untapped market. With Obamacare we are able to guarantee stockholders a profit. People just wanna have sex and forget about it. They don’t seem to care what the consequences are of not having safe sex and we want to capitalize on that,” Brownstain said, “Whether it be condoms, pregnancy tests or baby items that will be used in the clinic,” she added.

The store within the store is expected to open early September. Just in time for the influx of hot summer night romps people seem to take in July and August. The Grand Opening will include free refreshments, a store coupon for 10% off a future purchase, balloons, and a raffle for a year’s supply of condoms.