Man Fed Up with Sports Being Brought Into Politics

Campbelltown, PA – Travis Buckly, self-proclaimed political junkie and father of two expressed outrage yesterday regarding the amount coverage sports has been getting in the political arena.
“I turned on the Sean Hannity Radio Show to get away from it, but lo and behold he was going on about it. I’m all for free speech and I love sports, but there’s a time and place for it. I turn on talk radio to get away from sports,” he said.
Mr. Buckly went on to say, “Your job is to talk about politics. If you want to talk sports, go on ESPN or do it on your own time, not at your place business. I wish journalists would stop mixing sports with politics.”
His wife, Edith weighed in saying, “ People at his work are obsessed with sports and he can’t stand hearing about them all the time. It now invaded every aspect of our lives. You can’t get away from it. Keep sports out of politics.”
Buckly concluded, “After listening to people argue all day about the pro and cons of the new MLB rules, all I want to do is crack open a cold one, put my feet up, zone out and listen to an oversimplified, emotionally charged political debate. I think I earned it. But I can’t even do that anymore without someone bringing up sports.”
– George Kaplan