Manheim Township Commissioners Propose Border Fence To Keep Out Feral City Children

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, PA – The Manheim Township Board of Commissioners have proposed building a fence to keep feral children from Lancaster City out of the township.

“When Lancaster sends their children, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending our kids. They are sending feral children that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing crime. They’re bringing disease. They’re ruffians. And some, I assume, are good kids.” said Commissioner Meechum.

Feral children have been a problem in the city for years causing Mayor Gray to initiate a catch, spay/neuter, release program last year.

Captured Feral Children from the Catch/Spay-Neuter/Release Program
Captured Feral Children from the Catch, Spay/Neuter, Release Program

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According to Meechum the fence will cover the entire southern border of the township. Questioned about the effectiveness and cost of the fence Meechum replied, “It will be the best fence ever, I guarantee you. And the City of Lancaster will pay for it.”

We asked Mayor Gray about the fence and the city paying for it. “We aren’t paying for any fucking fence.” said Gray.

The proposed border fence will be voted on in the next Board of Commissioners Meeting on April 11th.