Manheim Township Middle School Teacher Suspended for Serving Filet Mignon to Students During PSSA Testing

Manheim Twp, PA–Another Lancaster County teacher is facing disciplinary action for serving food to students during State testing, fresh on the heels of a SDoL teacher running afoul of district administration for the same infraction. Manheim Township eighth grade teacher, Blakeley Remington was observed grilling bacon-wrapped, petite filet mignons for his students during the State-mandated PSSA testing, thus causing a disturbance, which violates PA law. Principal Vivian Bouvier-Heathcliffe had been relaxing in her Corinthian leather chair and sipping on a goblet of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac when she smelled something delightful out in the hallway. Her nose lead her to Mr. Remington’s classroom where he had just finished grilling the tender steaks.

“A bacon-wrapped filet like this was fed to each student, violating state law”

“I was about to go around and offer shaved truffles for the filets to the kids–and they’re fantastic kids–when Principal Bouvier-Heathcliffe came in and admonished me for distracting the students during the test. She didn’t seem to care that many of these kids only get to eat grass-fed, pastured beef a few days a week; I couldn’t just sit around and watch these kids have to wait for the surf & turf at lunch…I have a heart for God’s sake!”

It is unclear if Mr Remington will face termination at next week’s school board meeting.