Manheim Township Votes To Leave Lancaster County

Following right on the heels of Great Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union, Manheim Township Supervisors voted 4-1 last night to leave Lancaster County. This decision by Manheim Township surprised many and the consequences still aren’t totally clear.  We don’t know quite yet what this will mean for the future of Township’s economy, its policies, and its relations with other boroughs, cities, and townships.

There have been many twists and turns in Manheim Township politics that have led to this particular moment. But you don’t necessarily need to have followed those to understand why the Manheim Township citizens want to leave the County, and why the County matters in the first place.

Professor R. Terry Greenawalt from told POL, “The appealing part of being in Lancaster County was that it made it easier for each municipality to share in each-other’s prosperity. But with any union, cooperation means weathering downturns together, which hasn’t always been easy.”

Proponents of the split have pointed to boroughs like Columbia and the City of Lancaster putting untold financial burdens on the Manheim Township residents. “It’s like swimming carrying a bowling ball, the City is a big bowling ball” stated an unnamed Township official.

The handful of liberal voters that live in Manheim Township have said that this decision is based out of hate, bigotry, and anti-immigration policies. #MTexit founder Arthur C. Longenecker stated, “Sure, that’s part of it.  We’re tired of this unchecked immigration from shitholes like Lancaster City and Manor Township. We need to build a wall.”