Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will begin banning images of guns.

Palo Alto, CA

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced it was taking measures to curb gun violence by banning users who portray the use of a hand gun, and will begin turning over any gun trading groups and users to the FBI. Zuckerberg said it will reach across all of its proprietary social media platforms including Instagram.zuckerberg-speech-getty-600

Facebook will be implementing a 3 strikes rule that will progressively become more strict over time until an eventual lifetime ban of the user, and user information turned over to the FBI. The FBI did not respond to our request to comment on the matter.

“It’s important that we turn over potential criminals before they can cause harm to anyone. The FBI has reached out to us as part of a firearm registry and confiscation program that will go into effect in early 2017.” Said Zuckerberg in a press release, “This ban will include the portrayal of firearm use,  prohibit the sale or trade of firearms on Facebook and a ban on movie poster pictures or trailers that include use of fire arms.

Rights advocates on both sides of the political spectrum are calling foul against Facebook Inc. as it not only allegedly violates speech rights, but also gun ownership rights.

Zuckerberg also said in his press release that Facebook will be rolling out a new TOS that includes this new ban, before users log on in the next week, that they must agree to before they can continue using the site. Roll out on the ban will begin on April 4th.