Mayor Gray: “If I lose…strip clubs on every corner”

Lancaster Mayor, Rick Gray, has continued the long-standing tradition of keeping strip clubs out of Lancaster city; but he worries that the 2017 election may put an end to that.

“If I lose in 2017,” said Gray, “there will be strip clubs on every corner. Mark my words.”

The sentiment echoed the recent statement by a “Latinos for Trump” member, who stated that if Trump loses there would be “taco trucks on every corner.” Most of the general public found those remarks both offensive and confusing–given that many people would welcome an abundance of tacos. At this point, we don’t even know who is running against Mayor Gray, but there is a notion that local residents may be open to a change.

“I know my constituents, and, trust me, they don’t want strip clubs downtown,” said Gray.

We asked the public, as a whole, if they would be open to strip clubs in Lancaster. They replied, in unison, “oh shit. hell yeah, dude.”