Mayor Gray’s Wife Vows To End Bow Tie Abuse

Lancaster, PA – Gail Gray, the wife of Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray, is taking on a new issue that is important to both her and the residents in her husband’s jurisdiction: the abuse of wearing bow ties too often.

“It’s long been a goal of mine to address this horrible act,” said Gail Gray. “Once in a while, sure. Wear it to some fun dinner party. Maybe a kid’s event. But not every day, it’s too damn much.”

It is unclear if she is aware of her husband’s seemingly obsessive bow tie collection, which he proudly displays around his neck nearly daily. However, if she does, she doesn’t seem to care. It is her top priority moving forward.

“They look stupid,” said Gray. “They make the people who wear them look stupid, and pretentious. I know most people feel the same way. Most people, not all.”