Mayor’s Office Requesting All Children Under 12 Be Leashed On First Fridays

Lancaster, PA – The Mayor’s office is requesting through the City of Lancaster Office of Promotion that all children under 12 years old be leashed on First Fridays.

“Lancaster has been combating a feral children problem for some time now. Leashing children will help us readily identify feral children from suburban children who are merely visiting downtown Lancaster for First Friday.” said Nigel Quade, spokesman for the City of Lancaster Office of Promotion.

Held on the first Friday of each month First Friday is a popular event with Lancaster County suburbanites who descend on downtown Lancaster.

Leash Signs That Will Displayed In Downtown Lancaster

Quade explained that leash zones will be clearly marked with leash signs on every block. He also offered a warning to parents who do not leash their children, “Children who are not on a leash may be collected by the Feral Children Task Force (FCTF) under the ‘Catch Spay/Neuter Release’ program.”

If your child is unleashed and captured under the ‘Catch Spay/Neuter Release’ program you can pick them up at the Mayor’s office during normal business hours. A $75 fine will be assessed for children who are mistakenly picked up and spayed or neutered by the FCTF.

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