Membership Skyrockets After Rare Pokemon Discovered At Masonic Lodge

(Quarryville PA) To say that Drumore Lodge No. 165 in Quarryville Pennsylvania was on life support would have been kind. The Masonic Lodge was struggling to attract and retain younger members and lodge officers were looking seeking a merger with another lodge or worse, letting the lodge go dark. Then in February of 2019 a strange thing happened and three new petitions came in all from men under 30.

Fezybru - The Mascot of Drumore Lodge“It was odd, but we are not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth” said 9-time Past Master and current Senior Warden Richard Raasch of New Danville. “We were ecstatic and started them on their Masonic journey”.

Then in March five more petitions came in from under-30 men, but these men were not local, hailing from towns like West Chester PA and Elkton MD. What was going on?  One investigation committee while on a home visit inquired of one of the petitioners who told them that he had heard on Reddit that there was a rare Pokemon living inside the Lodge. The lodge officers were dumbfounded, not knowing being familiar with Reddit, Pokemon Go, the Internet in general or smartphones in particular.

Fezybru Pokemon Discovered In Quarryville
Fezybru excited about Olive Loaf

The lodge officers set about in a frantic search, but found that their knowledge of technology and modern culture had been sorely neglected, and looked to surrounding Lodges for assistance. All were also mired in the deepest stagnation except one, Buchanan Lodge under the leadership of a skinny jean wearing Worshipful Master, Ramses Broomjaw. Broomjaw quickly discovered a rare Pokemon named Fezybru that was residing in the Blue Room and began posting screen shots on Facebook.

“We’re thankful that Fezybru decided to squat here” said SW Raasch PM. “We’ve received 10 more petitions in March!”

It appears that the new members are sticking around too.  “We came for the Pokemon, but who knew that Olive Loaf sandwiches and pretzels were free after every meeting! We’re stayin’!”

Welcome Brethren.