Meme Market Flooded, Meme Stocks Crashing

NYSE – Meme stocks are taking a beating since businessman Donald J. Trump won the presidential election, and meme investors are worried about their future. Local Meme-Fund manager Henry the Intern told POL, “At first I was in Heaven. Hilarious memes were coming from everywhere both celebrating President-Elect Trump’s victory and mocking the liberals that lost. Then all Hell broke loose.”

watThat Hell that came was an tidal wave of Butthurt by millennial liberals, which led to the market being flooded with memes. “They are coming so fast, most aren’t funny and I can’t find any enjoyment out of the good ones. I’m ruined!” said local Meme aficionado Lloyd Mongol.

“I’ve never seen so much butthurt, so widespread – so quickly” stated FEMA Director Lance Smallwood. “As the millennials started seeing that they lost, and that in politics – losing is real, they lost their minds expecting a do-over, or a participation trophy. But, none came, so they started rioting.”

Salt stocks are taking a similar hit due to the increased saltiness of the entire Internet.