Millersville Family Sues Facebook Over Pet’s Death

The  Knott Family of Millersville has recently filed suit in the United States District Court,  Middle District Of Pennsylvania alleging that Facebook is responsible for the death of their beloved Staffordshire Terrier, Cornhole.  In the complaint filed this week, the Knott’s allege that the prayers they sought from both friends and random users were not answered, resulting in the death of Cornhole, the 13 year old family pit bull.  According to their attorney Sumner Mitchell of Denver, the family was devastated after the 723 likes, 164 commends and 290 shares failed where veterinary care failed and the course of nature prevailed.  “Facebook constantly allows users to avoid tragedy through the sharing of thoughts and prayers.  In this instance, they breached their duty to the Knott’s by not saving this pet from a horrible end.  Their conduct is willful, wanton and reckless.  We will be seeking punitive damages.”

As of the posting of this story, Facebook has refused comment, simply stating in an email to POL: “F*ck you guys after that Confederate flag story.”