Missing WGAL Reporter Ed Weinstock Located In PennDOT Salt Shed

Long time York County reporter Ed Weinstock has been located in a PennDOT salt shed after nearly a 3 month disappearance. He is currently at Pinnacle Health York and being evaluated but we’re told he’s in good condition, just a little dehydrated.

Mr. Weinstock was last seen at a PennDot facility during a report of icy road conditions on Rt. 83 in early April. At the end of the report the camera crew went back to the station, leaving Ed inside the large structure that contains rock salt and sand. PennDOT Supervisor Randolph Eggers told POL, “Man, we’re sorry. We thought that we were done with ice for the season so we just locked up the shed. We didn’t realize Ed was still in there.”

It appears that Ed survived by collecting rain water and capturing pigeons and mice for food. On Monday Ed and Jack Hubley will be doing a piece on local wildlife and survival skills.