Mistaken For Transgender Man, Jen Shade Chased From Mechanicsburg Chick-fil-A

MECHANICSBURG, PA – What she thought would be a quick stop to use the restroom and get some food turned into a nightmare for local radio celebrity Jen Shade when she was chased from an area Chick-fil-A.

Jen Shade: Not Transgender
Jen Shade: Not Transgender
According to Shade, “I was out riding my bike and thought I would make a quick stop at Chick-fil-A to take a piss and eat some damn chicken.”

But one patron thought differently.

“I brung my family to get some Jesus Chicken and this damn dude pulls up on his motorcycle and goes into the womens room. I ain’t having none of that PC bullshit.” said Bobby Martin of Carlisle.

One witness told us, “Some biker dude dressed like a woman walked into the ladies room and that guy [pointing at Martin] went in and chased him out.”

“They say its a woman but I know what I seen.” interrupted Martin. “He was grabbing his crotch and moving shit around.”

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Shade tells us she was shaken but unharmed. Forced to urinate alongside the Carlisle Pike Shade continued her travels.