MLB To Discontinue Use Of “K” As Symbol For Strike-Out

Howard Norris/Staff – Because of the recent events regarding the Confederate battle flag removal from the South Carolina Capital,  Major League Baseball is considering the need to change the letter “K” representing strikeouts to “SO”.   All around the country stadiums and fans have been hanging large capital letter K’s each time the home team pitcher completes a strikeout.  The  “K” came about from the original for three strikes . . . a KNOCKOUT.

During the 1970’s many fans began reversing the third letter K to avoid the signs reading KKK.  This latest step will completely remove association with Major League Baseball and racism.  Several teams were contacted for comment.  One owner, speaking to us off the record said the following: “We didn’t realize that our fans and players were making this connection.  Our job is conduct the National pastime, not create an uncomfortable environment.  If a rule comes from MLB we will comply and refuse to allow these “offensive” letters to be displayed in our stadiums.