Monkeys in Millersville?

MILLERSVILLE, PA – Shirley Price of Millersville sent us this video (below) of two monkeys feeding in her Millersville backyard.

“At first I was shocked but now I am getting used to them. They are here every morning. Though they recently threw poop at my husband Phil when he tried to shoo them off the porch.” said Price.

Monkeys in Millersville you may ask?

According to People of Lancaster wildlife expert and WGAL Wild Moments host, Earl Sneed, monkeys are not uncommon to Central Pennsylvania.

“You don’t see them too much, but they’re out there.” explained Sneed.

Sneed went on to warn, “If you see a monkey, do not attempt to touch it or play with it. They can carry the Ebola virus.”

You can watch the video below.