Columbia Residents Say MS13 Chihuahuas Frequenting Club Good Times

Menudo (left) and Chico Suave (right) say they are not MS13 members and are just there to see some skank.

COLUMBIA, PA – According to area residents MS13 Chihuahuas are frequenting Club Good Times and causing problems in the neighborhood.

Neighbors of Club Good Times reported two chihuahua’s named Menudo and Chico Suave threatened their well-behaved pit bulls.

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“My pitties are sweathearts and would never hurt anyone and those chihuahuas have been barking and growling at them. They’re afraid to go outside alone and roam the streets now.” said a neighbor who asked that his name not be used out of fear of the chihuahuas.

Club Good Times says they do not discriminate and the chihuahuas have not caused any problems.

“Look at them. You know they are MS13 chihuahuas. They need to be deported.” said another neighbor.