New “Haunted” Attraction to Debut in Lancaster

Autumn is right around the corner and in Lancaster county that means the opening of haunted attractions. Two of the most popular, Jason’s Woods and Field of Screams, will soon be joined by a third attraction in Lancaster City, scheduled to open September 21st. The still unnamed attraction will let county residents experience everything that city life has to offer.

“It’s a little bit stabby, a little bit shooty, and very, very bumpy,” said Mayor Rick Gray from his Prince St. home Sunday. Visitors will start with a tooth-rattling trip down “Alignment Alley”, also known as West Chestnut St., before turning onto Water St. for the “Whores of Horror.” Drivers will then be turned around in a few “Danger Detours” before ending up in a new city parking garage on Green St. Anyone who makes it from there to Tellus 360 will receive a free local organic G.M.O.-free beer brewed by a company that pays a living wage to illegal immigrants. The coroner’s office will have representatives placed along the route, so please be sure to have your ID for easier identification purposes.