New Shoe for York

York has become the center of a highly charged racial divide.  At the center of the controversy is the Haines Shoe House, a popular roadside attraction since 1948.  The giant shoe, one of the first sights that visitors from Lancaster county see when approaching York on Rt. 30, is viewed by some local minority groups as a old-timey symbol of oppression.

Levon Busch, leader of the local NAAACP, which is a race relations/automotive group says “When you’re driving into York and see a giant boot, you can’t help but think of the crushing symbolism behind it”.

He’s proposing some new construction on the North side of Rt 30 to ease tensions.  “We’re applying for a state grant to build a 40’ high Air Jordan across the street” says Busch.  It’s undecided as to which model Air Jordan will be used, but project leaders are leaning toward the AJ1 for its historic value.

The new Shoe will house retail space as well.  Where the Haines Shoe sells ice cream and baked desserts, Busch expects his new space will house a pawn shop and rims store, further helping bring diversity to the suburbs of York.