“No Neck Fox” Sighted In Lititz

LITITZ, PA – Citizens are reporting that a “No Neck Fox” has been sighted in Lititz.

“I was walking home from the Turkey Hill over on Oak Street after getting some raspberry tea when I thought I saw a reddish looking dog” said Ben Ferris of Lititz.

But what Ferris saw was not a dog at all.

Ferris told us his story. “Like I said, I thought it was a dog. An ugly one. Then I saw it had no damn neck. And then I realized it was a fox. I’m telling you, it was a damn no neck fox.”

Child with Klippel-Feil Syndrome
The “No Neck Fox” is not a type of fox. But what people are seeing is typical red fox that is suffering from a condition known as Klippel–Feil syndrome.What Ferris witnessed was indeed a fox and neighbors around the area are calling it the “No Neck Fox”.

Klippel–Feil syndrome is sometimes identified by shortness of the neck. This syndrome mostly affects humans but is known to also known to be present in animals like the red fox.

“I’ve seen a few cases of Klippel–Feil syndrome in animals around here. A couple dogs and a donkey once.” explained POL Biologist and retired Pennsylvania Game Warden Earl Sneed.

According to Sneed the animal is fine and not hurting but is advising people to stay away from as it is still a wild animal.