NY Tourist Horrified By Scrapple Ingredients

Fresh-Scrapple-from-the-Factory-It was a beautiful Spring morning when LaSean Washington of Queens, NY and his family left the Amish Lanterns Motor Lodge and headed out for a traditional Lancaster County breakfast. Browsing through brochures in the lobby they decided on visiting the world famous Bridgeport Family Restaurant.

Most things on the menu looked familiar, but LaSean was curious about this strange option listed under the breakfast meats: scrapple. Ms. Tonya Palmer their server boasted “It is delicious, try it with some syrup” and went on to explain that it is made from scraps of meat and cornmeal and to try some.  Mr. Washington rolled the dice and ordered himself some scrapple.

After a few minutes and lots of unwelcome stares from locals, Mr. Washington had his scrapple. The first few bites were tentative, but after adjusting to the crispy scrapple exo-skeleton combined with the soft, mushy slurry inside he downed it readily. Every thing was going well until local truck driver decided to tell LaSean exactly what was in it.

“You’re not from around here, are you son? Well let me ‘splain to you about Scrapple. It’s also known as The Other Gray Meat and is a PA Dutch delicacy. It is made of everything except the oink, nothing is wasted.It’s all in there. Snout, hair, organ meat, lips, assholes and even the occasional pig nipple — if you’re lucky.” explained Thomas McKenzie the local smelly trucker.

At that point LaSean started looking a little ‘off’ and he kept holding his stomach while choking back the gelatinous gray ooze trying to climb back up his throat.

“Check please.”