Penn Manor Student President Clueless About Aleppo, Too; Resigns In Disgrace

The Student Council President at Penn Manor High School was forced to resign after failing to understand what Aleppo is during discussion about Gary Johnson, the US Presidential candidate who was recently criticized for the same thing.

One student council member brought up the issue with Johnson, and after the President stated her ignorance on the subject, the rest of the group responded with outrage.

“She didn’t even know what it was,” said one member, while searching Wikipedia. “Like not a single thing about it. I definitely knew about it, how could you not? Yeah, I mean, I know all about that stuff, for sure.”

When asked if making the President resign was an overreaction, another member believed it is a President’s job to know everything.

“This isn’t just another student. This is the President. You have to know everything. And forget about being informed by those who know more about it than you, that’s just unrealistic.”