Pennsylvania Woman Wants To Marry A Goat

Skidmark and Mona pose for a photograph outside the Gap Lighthouse.

GAP, PA – For one Pennsylvania woman love is in the air this Valentine’s Day but in a very unusual way. She found love with a goat and wants to marry him.

Harrisburg resident Mona Lott was visiting the Gap Lighthouse when she came across a mysterious character and says it was love at first sight.

“Me and my friends was visiting the Gap Shore and stopped at the Lighthouse gift shop to get some ciggies, olive loaf, and those things you put your beer in so it doesn’t slip out of your hand when I seen him. It was love at first sight and we are going to be together forever.” said Mona.

Who she saw was not just anyone. Who she saw was the Gap Lighthouse mascot and town hero, Skidmark. And the feelings were mutual.

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A goat of few words who believes actions speak louder took a long draw on his cigarette before making humping motions when we asked him about Mona.

Mona explained their plans, “We are going to get married in April and the Lighthouse Keeper Abner Hockenfoos is going to marry us. And some day we will have 4 or 5 Skidlets.”

Whether or not Mona and Skidmark can get married will be up to Pennsylvania Governor Wolf after officials at the Lancaster County Courthouse denied their application for marriage.

People of Lancaster will keep you updated as this love story unfolds.