People of Lancaster Official News Source of Manheim Township School DIstrict

In a surprising turn of events, the People of Lancaster website is proud to announce that we will now be the sole source of public information regarding Manheim Township School District.

Manheim Township School Board President, Bill “not Ghostbusters” Murry rescinded all ties with local media powerhouse LNP, after their undercover sting operation uncovered the school board carrying out a secret agenda without informing the public.

Murry insists that POL will be a much better fit for their members. He believes that the satirical website has an outstanding reputation for confusing readers and blurring the line between fact and fiction.

“POL is a perfect fit for what we are trying to accomplish.” said Murry. “When we publish next year’s school budget, absolutely no one will be sure if the solid gold toilets, penis extension surgeries, and mountains of cocaine are actual line items or a goof article by one of their staff”.