Pequea Man Sets Record for “Free Bird” Requests

davenportLancaster – A Pequea man set the Guinness Word Record for the number of times shouting “Free Bird” at Wednesday night’s concert at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Machinist Duane Davenport, 38, of RD #9, Pequea Township, cracked the decades-old record with 824 separate shouted requests for the song “Free Bird” over a four-hour period Wednesday night.

Mr. Davenport began yelling from the parking lot while tailgating in the back of his rusty, teal 1996 Chevy pickup and sucking down a Keystone Light 30 prior to the show. Over 100 requests for the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd were made by Davenport before the show even began, and about 300 more were shouted during Peter Frampton’s opening set.

Despite being only able to consume “uppity Bud Light” from the concessions during the show, once Skynyrd actually took the stage, Davenport really turned on the pressure for the band to play “Free Bird” with over 400 more shouted requests, even while the band actually played the song during their second encore. The final, verified count shattered the old record by more than 90 “Free Bird” shouts.

“Well, I’m fixin to be late for third shift at the foundry, so I best get a move on,” said Davenport as he left before the representatives from Guinness could get all his contact information.