Pequea Woman Finds Nursing Rattlesnake In Her She-Shed

Susan James tells the story of finding the nursing rattlesnake in her she-shed.

PEQUEA, PA – A Pequea woman had the shock of her life this morning when she discovered a rattlesnake nursing its young in her she-shed.

“I went to my she-shed this morning get some of my potting tools and when I opened the door, there it was.” said Susan James.

James screamed for husband who took a picture of the snake before safely removing them and releasing them in the woods.

“I couldn’t stop screaming but Johnny caught them all and let them go down over there [pointing to the woods behind her house].” an excited James told us.

According to POL Biologist Earl Sneed finding nursing snakes is not uncommon but unusual at this time of the year.

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“I get calls about them all the time but usually in the summer months. April is early.” explained Sneed.

Sneed identified the rattlesnake as an Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake.