Photographer Captures Dolphin Caught In Hurricane Winds

FORT PIERCE, FL – A photographer with The Weather Channel captured the strength and tragedy of severe weather this evening when he photographed a dolphin that was caught in Hurricane Dorian’s winds.

A dolphin caught in Hurricane Dorian's winds was photographed by a Weather Channel photographer.
A dolphin caught in Hurricane Dorian’s winds was photographed by a Weather Channel photographer.

“I have photographed hundreds of tornados and four hurricanes. I’ve never seen winds so strong that dolphins were blown from the ocean.” said Ernie Schwartz of The Weather Channel.

According to People of Lancaster wildlife expert Earl Sneed this is not an uncommon tragedy of hurricanes. “Dolphins swim away from hurricanes. And when they get closer to shore in shallow water they can be swept away by the winds.” explained Sneed.

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Residents of Fort Pierce report about a dozen wind-blown dolphin impacts on area homes.

People of Lancaster is watching the storm closely and will provide updates as they become available.


Another dolphin was photographed as it was swept away in Hurricane Dorian’s winds.