POL Rewrites Fox43 News Team Bio’s – MaryEllen Pann

Lancaster, PA – A People of Lancaster reader brought to our attention the “horrifically written” biographies of the Fox43 News Team. We looked at them and agree, they are “horrifically written.”

We are NOT journalists at People of Lancaster and do not claim to be perfect or even ‘good’ writers. We do this for fun. But the Fox43 News Team biographies are ridiculously horrible – especially when you consider they are written by people in the journalism profession.

Initially we wanted to have fun rewriting them while highlighting their horrible grammar and overall goofiness but decided to do a serious rewrite.

First is our rewrite followed by the actual biography for MaryEllen Pann on the Fox43.com website. ~You’re Welcome.

POL Rewrite

MaryEllen Pann is the Chief Meteorologist at Fox43. A graduate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississsippi State University MaryEllen began her career as a weekend Meteorologist in Salisbury, Maryland.

MaryEllen joined the Fox43 news team in 1999 as a part-time meteorologist. In 2001 MaryEllen left Fox43 to join the weather team at Fox45 in Baltimore, Maryland. After a year she returned to Fox43.

In 2012 MaryEllen was promoted to Chief Meteorologist.

“[Fox43] has been one of my biggest challenges but also most rewarding. I have two of the best meteorologists working with me and together we make a great team here at FOX43.” ~ MaryEllen Pann

You can watch MaryEllen Pann’s forecasts on-air Monday through Friday in the 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm newscasts. You can also follow her online at our website, Fox43.com.

MaryEllen Pann’s assault on the English language

MaryEllen Pann
MaryEllen Pann
I would like to say my life really begin in my 30s. Before then it was about surviving and dealing with what was sent my way. But things changed and my life greatly improved.

While working for a TV station behind the scenes, I would watch the forecasters put together a forecast. I was intrigued at how they analyzed the data, compiled it and put together a forecast. Then they would build their own graphics and show rundowns. It was suggested I could do the same. I thought without finishing my education there was no way. But they insisted I try and I practiced with the help of the floor crew. I found a three year program for Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University. At 35 years of age, I went back to school. I was on cloud nine and beside myself with fear and excitement.

I was told it would take me a while to get my first job. Well before finishing school, I sent my first tape out to a station in Salisbury, Maryland on a Wednesday, they received it called me on a Friday, and without even interviewing me, offered me a weekend job!!!

It was the best job I have ever had. I traveled 3 hours to and from work every weekend. In the summer it would be an even longer commute due to beach traffic. I wasn’t in the business a year when I attempted and succeeded in my second TV job, here at WPMT FOX43 in 1999.

A general manager of a TV station once told me I was too sensitive to work in this business. He said you had to have thick skin. I am sensitive and it has gotten in the way at times, but I have learned how to deal with it. I have enjoyed the best job ever. I even left to work in Baltimore, Maryland at FOX45 in 2001 for a year. Changes were being made and I was forced to look for another job. I was fortunate to get my old job back here at Fox43, where I have worked part-time until 2012.

In 2012, the Chief position became available. I was extremely nervous about the role, and never considered myself as a leader, but accepted the job. So far in my life, this has been one of the biggest challenges but most rewarding too. I remember my first month, Super Storm Sandy was coming up the coast, I had two freelancers on staff and five cold sores all from stress. But in January, two of the best meteorologists I have ever worked with started, and together, have helped make a great team here at FOX43.

Sunny Skies!