The POLcast: Lancaster County’s Premier Podcast

The creative minds behind the successful People of Lancaster website and Facebook pages launched their newest venture in March 2016 called the POLcast. The POLcast is a podcast recorded locally at Lancaster Podcast Studios and distributed through multiple podcasting outlets including Stitcher, SoundCloud, and iTunes. The show is meant to be humorous in nature but also includes restaurant reviews, local news and events.

The show was originally hosted by local lighthouse keeper Abner Hockenfoos and his intern Henry, but on the second episode they brought in a third host named Charlotte who hails from Quarryville, PA.

“Charlotte added a much needed break from the testosterone sausage party that was episode number one”, stated Skidmark, the long time mascot, superfan and lighthouse goat from Gap.

On Sunday June 5th the POLcast team recorded and released their 12th episode entitled: Professor, Have You Ever Picked Up A Hooker? (the name coming from the entertaining dialogue between the hosts and an Adjunct Professor).

Trezzahn, Handies by Candy parking attendant.

The POLcast has already garnered big-name advertisers including King’s Puppy Mills, Fieldy’s Nuts and Handies by Candy. Handies by Candy’s parking attendant troll Trezzahn advised that business has tripled since running ads on the POLcast. “We can hardly keep up with demand!”

If you would like information on the show, would like to be a guest or advertiser please email the show or leave a voicemail at the Gap Lighthouse and mention the POLcast. The phone number is (717) 685-9732 and email is