Police Seeking Information On Serial Trespasser

The State Police in Ephrata are seeking the public’s help in catching an unknown person in a strange case of trespass and illegal access of the  victim’s computer, tablet and cell phone.  Jack Soffs-Dailey of the 3100 block of Main Street alleges that an unknown person or persons have been illegally entering his home and using his computer while he and his wife are asleep.  According to authorities, Soff-Dailey’s wife  stumbled upon hundreds  of pornographic web-sites after she accidentally opened the browser’s history on the computer she and her husband share: Brazzers, 4-chan, Porn Hub, Bang You Later, Flying Jizz, Red Tube and Black-Fuck.net to name a few.  Soffs-Dailey, a deacon and Sunday school teacher at a local church, has no idea how such maaterial made it onto his computer and devices.  “It’s certainly disgusting to see those women subjecting themselves to oral, anal and vaginal penetration; seeing a man ejaculate onto those faces and and smack their back ends….awful. The hypnotic jack-hammering in the close-up shots of those poor women’s vaginas is certainly disturbing.  I was appalled.’ Ephrata Police ask that anyone with information please call them.