POLL: Millersville University Professor Says ‘Brain Shaming’ Drives Trump Supporters

Kellyanne Conway who who has been widely mocked for coining the phrase “alternative facts” is just one example o brain shaming according to Dr. Stone.

MILLERSVILLE, PA – Millersville University Political Science Professor Dr. Ed Stone says that “Brain Shaming” drives Trump supporters.

“Pointing out that they are less intelligent, or not smart, is brain shaming” said Dr. Stone.

According to Dr. Stone ‘brain shaming’ is very similar to body shaming which Oxford Dictionaries describes as “The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.”

Dr. Stone further explained, “When the media and opponents of President Trump point out the lack of intelligence and intellectual curiosity in Trump supporters they are actually ‘brain shaming’ them. And this shaming only solidifies their support for President Trump.”

“The media keeps telling us we are stupid and the President lies. They are the stupider ones.” said local Trump supporter and graduate of The School of Hard Knocks Ben Murray.

“Pointing out the media’s attention to Kellyanne Conway’s use of alternative facts is just one example of brain shaming” said Stone.

Whether or not it is brain shaming pointing out the lack of intelligence in Trump supporters certainly appears to solidify their support for the President.

Do you think pointing out Trump supporters lack of intelligence is “brain shaming”? Tell us what you think in our poll.