[Possible Scam Alert] MW Enterprises – NOT SATIRE

Flyers have been circulating all over the Central PA, specifically Lancaster, for a company from Mechanicsburg calling themselves MW Enterprises. The flyer says they will paint the address number of your house on your curb or sidewalk for a fee of $20 cash or check.  There have been reports of their flyers being littered around neighborhoods and even their tape damaging the paint on mail boxes. They have also been warned by Untitled-3multiple local Police Departments to cease solicitation in their jurisdictions for failure to obtain a solicitation license. If you see this flyer do not hesitate to call local authorities to check if they have obtained a solicitation license before conducting business with them.

MW Enterprise’s company is registered as a Domestic Fictitious Name, their information can be found here.

The initial post from West Lampeter Police that alerted POL this morning:


Complaints lodged on their Facebook page including a 3rd warning from West Hempfield Police:



More information on Businesses and Fictitious Names can be found On the State’s web portal.