Quarryville Library Celebrates its 100th Visitor

Bruce Gibble of Ronks surprised by confetti shower
Bruce Gibble of Ronks surprised by confetti shower

Quarryville, PA – Bruce Gibble of Ronks had no idea that he’d become a Quarryville celebrity today when he got out of bed, but his life changed forever when he accidentally walked into the Quarryville Public Library today. “I was trying to find Good’s Store because I needed a new pair of boots but I got all turned around, so I decided to walk in and see if someone could give me directions. Man, I wasn’t expecting all of this!” exclaimed Mr. Gibble as he was picking confetti out of his hair.

“Traffic here has really been picking up. We hit our 99th visitor sometime in June, and we’ve just been waiting ever since – ready for that special moment.” explained Assistant Librarian Herbie Versmells. “Sure, the balloons lost their helium weeks ago and the punch lost its fizz, but that won’t dampen our spirits. This is a big day for us.”

For being the 100th visitor Mr. Gibble will receive a laminated bookmark provided by Ferguson & Hassler Markets and a small mixed cone from Son’s Ice Cream.

The Quarryville library first opened in 1976, but moved to its current location at 357 Buck Road in April of 2001. The old library was a foot locker behind the firehouse, but the current location is in the back room of Luke’s Barber Shop. The library has one of the finest collections of PA Game News in the State of Pennsylvania. “It’s a community treasure.” said Mayor David Bunch.