Quarryville Man Doesn’t “Understand People Who Think Truth Is More Important Than The Stock Market”

QUARRYVILLE, PA – For many Americans the events of the past week regarding President Trump’s phone call with the President of the Ukraine has been confusing and leaving more questions than answers. But for one Quarryville man the most nagging question on his mind is about people.

“I don’t understand this whole Ukraine thing and I can’t understand people who think truth is more important than the stock market. The truth don’t matter. When President Trump took office the stock market was, like, 800. Now it is over 47,000. If they impeach Trump the stock market will go back to 800 again.” said Buck Mummert of Quarryville.

We pointed out the error in Mr. Mummert’s comment on the stock market figures he quoted but he just called us “fake news”.

“I don’t care about none of your facts or that whistle blower shit. He is probably just some queer, or Mexican, or something like that.” shouted Mummert.