Restaurant Inspection Redemption: China Wok on Comet Drive

China Wok on Comet Drive in Millersville had a clean opening inspection on December 28, 2015. With no violations, this brand new restaurant opened to the public spotless, brand new, and in good working order.

Four months later, China Wok has had two inspections with a host of violations. Dried food residue was found on knives and utensils and was “not clean to sight and touch”. Employees are not washing their hands properly, nor is their handwashing sink being used for only hand washing. They were storing cold/cough syrup in the food preparation area, have accumulation of grease in their microwave oven, they aren’t dating their foods so they can maintain freshness, and they aren’t refrigerating their eggs. The violations were as varied as they were disgusting.

How does that happen in four months? It seems like that indicates that they just aren’t washing their dishes, utensils, and cutlery at all. It doesn’t sound they are wiping surfaces down at all. Four months is not a long time.

We went to China Wok on Sunday for lunch. The restaurant appeared clean upon arrival. The tables were wiped and the customer area was well-organized. The way the restaurant was set up, it was difficult to see much behind the counter. We did not see any cough syrup, so they must have rectified that violation or chugged it all in one shot.

I got Lo Mein and an egg roll, while my husband got sesame chicken and fried rice. I am often picky about my egg rolls and with their violation of leaving the egg rolls out at room temperature instead of keeping them warmed, I was extra hesitant. However, the egg roll was actually really good. The portions were well-sized and the prices were comparable to other Chinese restaurants in the area. The staff was extremely friendly and made ordering easy. The food came out within ten minutes, which is again comparable to other Chinese restaurants in the area. The restaurant had very large and comfortable booths.

Honestly, I would go back and eat here voluntarily. No food poisoning or botulism to be had and the restaurant was clean and well-designed. In a follow-up inspection, China Wok only had a few repeat violations but for the most part cleaned up their act. Hopefully they can do a better job of maintaining their cleanliness over time. In the end, China Wok on Comet Drive in Millersville is redeemed!

For more information about my visit to China Wok, tune in to this week’s POLcast.


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