Restaurant Inspection Redemption: House of Pasta

This week’s Restaurant Inspection Redemption takes a closer look at the House of Pasta, situated on Millersville Pike. The gang (Henry the Intern, Abner the Lighthouse Keeper, Mrs. the Lighthouse Keeper, and myself) visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon after finishing up the weekly podcast.

The House of Pasta landed on the Restaurant Inspection Report on April 8th. They were cited for a host of violations. Their report begins with the lines, “The person in charge has failed in their managerial duties and is not actively managing food safety as required by the Food Code. The person in charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection; repeat violation from 2015.” These are always comforting words to read.

The report continues on to cite House of Pasta for “off-smelling” meat, food is not being marked with a date, some foods had expired, cigarette and lighter sitting out in food prep area (a repeat violation), food being stored at room temperature instead of at 41 degrees as required (another repeat violation), and a heavy, white, mildew-like accumulation on the shelves. With this delightful list of violations and repeat violations, we ventured to the House of Pasta.

We entered the House of Pasta and I was immediately assaulted with the smell of years-old smoke and stale cigarettes in the vestibule to the restaurant. In this area there was one of the old pull-knob vending machines of cigarettes, each brand costing $7.75—what a bargain! We decided since it was so beautiful outside, we would eat in the outdoor area on the deck aside from the giant ashtray they call a beach.

My only complaint about the outdoor seating was that the tables hadn’t been wiped down since the OJ Simpson verdict. There was a thick level of dust, dirt, and pollen on the surface of the table. Otherwise, it was really nice to sit outside and soak up the sun while waiting for our meal. Henry the intern ordered an enormous beer and I had a tea.

The restaurant was not terribly busy. There were only two other groups outside in addition to ours. Our waitress was kind and jovial. Service was a bit slow. I am not sure if it is because of where we sat or if that was just par for the course. The food took a while to come to the table. However, the food was quite delicious. I had a burger and fries and it was cooked thoroughly and was well-seasoned. The shoestring fries were generously dished. Overall, everyone at the table was satisfied with their meals. Aside from the slower service and the dirty tables, it was a pleasant experience.

House of Pasta was found to have no violations in the follow-up report completed the following week. They obviously took the time and care to fix the issues they were cited with to ensure a passing inspection. Based on that, we choose to redeem House of Pasta! Just take a wet wipe for the table and you’ll be fine.

Listen to the POLcast for further elaboration on our visit to House of Pasta.

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