Restaurant Inspection Redemption: The Lyndon Diner

For this week’s Restaurant Inspection Redemption, we visited the Lyndon Diner on Manheim Pike. We chose the Lyndon Diner because they were in back-to-back restaurant inspections with violations each time. Their first inspection occurred because of a complaint lodged by a customer. With these factors in mind, the voices of the POLcast went to the Lyndon diner to check it out.

The first inspection report for the Lyndon diner was quite lengthy considering it is not a Chinese buffet. They were cited for some issues that had been previously violated in 2012, 2014, and 2015. They were cited for not storing food properly or cooling food correctly. Some food was being held at temperatures over 20 degrees higher than they should have been, including items like potato salad and coleslaw. Items were not being labeled with dates so food was being kept for lengths of time that were untraceable.

The following week the health inspectors did a follow-up visit and while many of the issues were resolved, there were still a few violations that remained. This includes lettuce being held at improper temperatures just as it was in the inspection the previous week. Food was again not being labeled.

Here’s the thing—this isn’t a major disaster of a list. The Star Buffet makes the Lyndon Diner look like Gordon Ramsey’s immaculate kitchen. However, these are the kind of issues that will get people sick. You can’t keep mayonnaise-based items in 63 degree temperatures for days on end. That’s how you get food poisoning.

We went to the Lyndon diner on Sunday, the day of our Lord. This was our biggest mistake for sure. We forgot that Lancaster Christians must feast upon their sins after church in order to be cleansed. Needless to say we had a wait. The issue with waiting at the Lyndon diner is simply that there is nowhere for large groups of people to wait aside from a tiny glass box vestibule that made us claustrophobic as shit. During our wait, Abner used the restroom and thoroughly enjoyed the urinal that was covered in a trash bag. Eventually we were seated in a large corner booth, which gave us front-row seats for people watchin’. If you have a geriatric fetish, we highly recommend visiting on a Sunday after church.

We ordered a wide variety of food as a group. There were some appetizers, entrees, soups, salads, etc. I myself ordered breakfast like a good Irish lass. My meal was excellent—the bread was especially tasty. Also, my bill was around $7 total because breakfast is cheap as shit. The only complaint from our table was regarding the coleslaw, which was warm and watery. The service time was reasonable considering how busy they were. Our server, Kim K (not the one with the big ass and no talent) was wonderfully charming and warm.

Overall, we feel good about redeeming the Lyndon Diner. Aside from the coleslaw (get your shit together in the coleslaw department, Lyndon!), the food was cooked or cooled at seemingly safe temperatures. No one got food poisoning, which is always a solid plus. Lyndon Diner: REDEEMED.

Listen to the POLcast for further elaboration on our visit to the Lyndon Diner.


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