Route 30 Paving Won’t Be Completed ‘Til 2017

West Hempfield Township- Motorists expressed outrage at a local public works meeting when it was announced by PennDOT that the Route 30 paving project will not be completed until Fall 2017.  “A series of critical errors and breakdowns have allowed this to happen,” expressed PennDOT Regional Supervisor Barnie Thomas.  Of greatest concern is Kingsley Construction deciding to keep the remaining $3.5 million from Phase 3 of the project when work is not completed.

Kingsley CEO Dick Durboff said, “Our exterior design group feels that we have met all contractual obligations to this project.  In fact, we feel that by keeping the westbound side of Route 30 milled and gray, it is aesthetically pleasing to those who fly overhead.  They can see the contrast between black and gray but realize that put together, it is one beautiful road as a whole.  This is what we should do with the human race.”

Kingsley Construction Founder Ben Kingsley
Kingsley Construction Founder Ben Kingsley

Motorists have also complained about signage that is inconsistent when work has been done.  A common complaint was that signs for the right lane being closed were in fact, false; rather, the left lane was closed resulting in several near-collisions, according to Thomas.  Durboff responded in writing with the following: “Look, shit happens.  We provide a great community service by hiring those who might be down on their luck.  For example, many of our employees are day-to-day and speak little to no English when we get them from Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Let’s not let something stupid like left or right get in the way of how much good we’ve done.”

State representatives are visiting the area this week to assess the work and point to handling this matter in a civil court.  “If anyone’s going to fuck over the taxpayers, it’s going to be us.  We don’t want competition!”, an exasperated Joe Pitts relayed.