Second Bald Eagle Egg is Likely a Cadbury Creme Egg

While the Hanover Eagle Cam Community still mourns the death of the first eaglet to hatch, the PA Game Commission announced today that the second egg is most likely a Cadbury Creme Egg and has a slim chance of hatching.

Game Commission Director Elliott Nesmith, speaking on the condition of anonymity outside of the Hanover Arby’s, speculated that GMOs ingested by the prey of the adult eagles is to blame:  “Look, folks, we don’t know what the hell all those mice, fish, and squirrels are eating, but Monsanto has once again succeeded in disturbing the natural balance.”

When asked what would be done with the egg, Nesmith said a Game Commission intern from Shippensburg would be sent up to gather the egg and bring it back to the station for “analysis.”