Sesame Street’s Baby Bear Killed By Ephrata Hunter

Baby Bear of Sesame Street fame was shot and stuffed by an Ephrata hunter.

EPHRATA, PA – Reported missing a year ago it was learned that Sesame Street’s Baby Bear was killed by an Ephrata hunter.

Baby Bear who debuted on the Sesame Street cast in 1991 and had been a recurring character on the PBS program ever since was reported missing last November.

“I saw Baby Bear daily and then one day he disappeared and I have not seen him since.” said a large yellow bird who asked not to be named.

According to Sesame Street ruffian Oscar the Grouch, Baby Bear had been hanging out with the “wrong crowd” and dabbling in hallucinogens.

“Yeah, that son of bitch acted all cute and shit but he was a vandal. He regularly dropped acid”, said Grouch.

Reported missing last November by his parents it was believed that Baby Bear had run off to explore the country with other restless Sesame Street characters. Unfortunately, his fate was learned this week.

“I got my bear license and have been hunting bears for the past 20 plus years” said Ephrata resident Bart Kaminski.

Kaminski shot Bear on South Mountain between Adams and Franklin Counties.

Baby Bear in happier days.
According to Kaminski, “It was early morning and I was hunting the Game Lands near Totem Pole when that bear walked out in front of me. I bagged him with one shot from about 75 yards away. It wasn’t until I walked up on him that I noticed the collar and tie.”

Totem Pole representatives tell us that Bear was auditioning for a play.

“His voice. His energy. It was like nothing we had ever seen before in a bear actor.” said Gene Stapleton of Totem Pole.

Kaminski who has Baby Bear displayed in his ‘Trophy Room’ reportedly visited Bert and Ernie who have offered to mediate between Kaminski and the Bear family, however, when POL visited the B&E home there was no answer at the door and Bert’s turtleneck sweater was hanging on the front door knob.

According to POL wildlife expert Earl Sneed, Baby Bear’s skull measured 22 9/16 and is third in the Pennsylvania record books.