Shunned Transgender Amishman Converts to Islam

Growing up in Blue Ball was never easy for young Ezra Beiler.  From an early age she knew she was different from her peers but because of societal pressures she was unable to live her life.  To make matters worse, she developed an interest in Islam in her late teens.  Confronted with the strictures of being a woman in a man’s body living in a highly orthodox community and then developing a thirst to serve Mohmammed she suffered a near nervous breakdown.  But now with the help of the Center for Understanding New Tolerances she had the courage to final be who she always want to be:  Shafiqua Labeeyah al-Beiler.  Says al-Beiler, “C.U.N.T. has given me the courage to be me.  For now I just want to live my life and give hope to all the transgender Amish Muslims out there.”