“Stray Dog” Found By Marietta Couple Is A Chickies Rock Wolf

Cujo was found this past March by a Marietta couple.

MARIETTA, PA – A Marietta couple was surprised to learn that the stray dog they found this past March is not an ordinary dog. What they found and took into their home is a wolf that is part of the Wolf Reintroduction Program introduced at Chickies Rock County Park.

“We was hiking around Chickies Rock when my wife saw a puppy in some tall grass. It was wet and muddy so we took it home.” said Ben Steinheimer who lives on Hazel Avenue in Marietta.

The Wolf Reintroduction Program was started in 2015 and the Pennsylvania Game Commission released three wolves in Chickies Rock County Park as part of a wolf reintroduction program across the state.

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The Steinheimers learned their stray dog was a wolf when they took to a local veterinarian for a check up and shots.

Steinheimer told us, “The Vet was surprised when we brought Cujo in. She said right away,’that’s a wolf’.”

The Steinheimers voluntarily surrendered their beloved Cujo who will be released back in Chickies Rock County Park.