Stupid Rules, POL Writer Disappointed

This writer, miffed by the reaction of POL readers, conducted a social experiment yesterday, of which you all were participants.

For this experiment I wrote and submitted two stories. Both stories were similar in that the basis for each was a totally absurd situation, like most of the stories you read here.

The first story escalators contained no deeper meaning, cast no serious judgment of society, inspired no thought. It was a hit. You people laughed, shared it, loved it. 60+ likes, 20+ comments, 15+ shares.

The second story, shrimp smugglers was a knock on the Republican isolationist seal-the-border and marijuana is evil agendas. The story was met by crickets. 6 likes, 3 comments, 0 shares, admittedly even 1 of those likes and comments were mine.

I conducted this experiment hoping to disprove a well established theory in satirical writing. The theory….STUPID RULES ….I failed. Clearly the theory is proven. …STUPID RULES!!!!

You got it POL…on that we can deliver, I gots lotsa stupid!