Susquehanna Bank to remember Hurricane Agnes Friday

Wilkes_Barre_AgnesWritten by John W. Crawford – To mark the 43rd Anniversary of the monumental Hurricane Agnes, Susquehanna bank will be celebrating the anniversary with a special promotion for the community this friday.
June 23 marked date that the storm wreaked havoc across Central PA and the northeast, in 1972. “We’re a bank that will not let a crisis go to waste. We’re going to take care of our customers and remember that day.” said Ahmet Rothchild IV, primary shareholder at Susquehanna bank.
On Friday June 26, all Susquehanna bank branch locations will be handing out bottled water to customers and the community. “Because we are a Susquehanna bank, we felt it would be best to hand out actual bottled Susquehanna river water to show how much we care for our customers and community. It is still a good source of fresh water and marking this occasion would be best done with pure, sparkling Susquehanna river water.”
A few local fishermen seemed to think it is a good idea. “I have been drinking this water since Agnes and look at me. It actually think it helps me with my Psoriasis and eczema. Let’s drink to Agnes!!!” Mortimer Clark said with a toothless smile.
The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce also stands behind Susquehanna bank’s celebration of Hurricane Agnes.
Hurricane Agnes did over 2 billion dollars in damage and is one of the top five most destructive hurricane’s to ever hit Central, PA.