Taking Selfies With The Amish Prohibited Throughout Lancaster County

Signs will be placed throughout the county warning visitors about taking selfies with the Amish.

LANCASTER, PA – Effective May 1st of this year taking a selfie with Amish residents will be a punishable offense in all 40 Lancaster County Townships.

More than 8 million people visit Lancaster County each year and the Amish are the primary driver of this tourism. But despite injecting more than $2 billion dollars into the Lancaster County economy those visitors also bring problems. Most notably ‘Amish Harassment’ in the form of selfies.

In addition to violating privacy and religious concerns of the Amish visitors taking selfies with the Amish also cause traffic jams and other hazardous conditions.

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The Lancaster County Commissioners met this past winter with Township officials, Discover Lancaster, and members of the Amish cult to look for ways to curb taking selfies and decided to pass an ordinance making taking selfies with the Amish punishable with a $250 fine.

Signs will be placed throughout the county and paid for by state grants and Discover Lancaster.

Enforcement and collection of fines will be administered by each township independently.

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STORY UPDATE: The offense is also punishable in all boroughs within Lancaster County and the City of Lancaster.