The Lancaster Catholic High School Carnival Will Not Be Back Next Year [Not Satire]

It was announced today that the Lancaster Catholic Carnival will not be returning as a staple in Lancaster’s summer events citing costs and shrinking margins that would be used for LCHS athletic program, which over the years has raised over $2.5 Million.

“Over the past several years, unfortunately, both our costs and the competition from other entertainment opportunities in Lancaster County have increased. At the same time, much of our committed volunteer structure and general carnival interest throughout Lancaster County has decreased. For these reasons, the carnival’s profit margin has been consistently declining. We have tried a variety of approaches to reverse this trend, yet, despite our efforts, the last carnival only realized a quarter of the profits which were earned in the “glory days” of this event.” Said Carnival Organizer Andy Esbenshade.

It was also stated that the decision factored in the entire school’s budget and will not effect tuition.