The Predator Behind the Screen – What the Local Media Missed

When crime is reported on a local level it’s usually boring, drab, cookie cutter. It’s almost like the local news media just sets their computers on autopilot and they copy and paste the police log, attach a picture to it, and slap it on the internet. And to be fair, it’s not just this area, it’s like this everywhere across the US. Well, one story came across POL’s desk that the news media completely missed. Sure, they reported face, name, place and charges, but this story is more than just an average. This is the story of Nickalaus Boyd Stoutzenberger, who lead a double life on the internet. This story is not for the weak of heart. For those of you who are, this is your opportunity to turn back.

Nick was arrested on April 30th for 1 count of involuntary deviate intercourse with a child and 3 counts of indecent assault. What was it that tipped police? Well, that’s where the internet comes in. Nick goes by “Nick Bate” on the internet through various websites. He has a Youtube channel, twitter account, and a myriad of other social media accounts and forums where he gained popularity from his deviant behavior. Nick openly admits to only showering once a month and playing with his own feces, sometimes in a sexual manner, which he’s posted various videos of on certain websites. Don’t worry, we won’t be showing you those videos. Here are just a few example of the way he conducts himself on the internet.

 A Skype interview with Nick where he says pedophilia  should be legalized:

Here’s Nick writing music about killing children and his wife and “blowing up the US.”:


An excerpt from Nick’s Twitter:


Nick is very outspoken about his fecal fetishes which he performs on himself and others and on numerous occasions has mentioned performing acts on his younger sister which he later denied. When chat-logs surfaced on the web of his admission to molestation, it spread like wild fire and people finally started going to authorities. Child services stepped in and Nick was quick to take to the internet and deny the allegations.

Nick denying allegations


Nick posting CPS forms on Twitter
Nick posting CPS forms on Twitter




Researching his past, it seems very apparent that his family and acquaintances were very aware of his behavior online and off. My question is, why did it take so long to warn authorities or for someone to step in? Why did it take strangers on the internet reporting it to authorities to finally get him off the street? Keep in mind these allegations are stemming from 2009 and 2010. That’s right, it took 5 years to get him off the street, while people knew about the way he conducts himself.

While we’re just showing the tip of the iceberg here, one thing is for sure, when this goes to trial, I truly pity the jury and victims that have to sit through and have to read, watch and listen to his behavior, while it could have been very easily prevented.

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